Mustafa AY – TDO – 14.09.2018 Following EU Parliament arranged a voting aimed at Hungarian government’s policies on Thursday, Czech PM Andrej Babis asserted his support for Hungarian counterpart Viktor Orban against EU. EU Parliament voted for imposition of sanctions on Hungary owing to Orban Government’s policies reshuffling higher education, role of NGOs in policy-making and other minor issues, which lead the government’s conscious contravention of EU’s democratic principles.

As well as Czech Republic, Poland specified its support for Orban Government against EU right after the voting in EU Parliament. According to official remarks by Warsaw, “Poland will impede any initiative on sanctioning Hungary to be taken by EU”, uttered Polish government. In case of upholding and then implementing sanctions on Hungary, Budapest would likely face with Article 7 of the Treaty on EU, which prescribes suspension of a nation state’s right of voting in EU. Even if EU Commission strives for finding an equilibrium point between EU Parliament and Orban Government, PM Orban fuel the confrontation with EU by accusing EU Parliament of blackmailing himself. Therefore, Hungarian government will not submit to EU’s blackmails, added to his words PM Viktor Orban.

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