News Center -TDO-The first Posada Navideña celebration was held in Ankara CerModern, hosted by Mexico's Ambassador to Turkey, Jose Luis Martinez y Hernandez.

The celebration was attended by Mexicans living in Ankara and invited guests.

In his keynote address, Ambassador Hernandez said Posada Navideña was a Mexican tradition and its roots date back to the colonial period, when the first Posada celebrations in Mexico were held in monasteries in Augustine and date back to 1587.

"Posadas" is a Christmas tradition unique to Mexico, beginning nine days before Christmas and symbolizing the journey of Mary and Joseph from Nazareth to Bethlehem. It is a Christmas season party that unites neighbors, families and friends. The "Posadas"promote an atmosphere of unity and joy, the most important thing of the "Posadas” is that they bring the neighborhood or community together, as families share the Christmas atmosphere by engaging in a friendly race to make the most beautiful Posada.

After the arrival of the Spanish to Old Tenochtitlan, European evangelists were responsible for adapting this celebration as an expression of the Catholic faith. They held winter ceremonies in honor of Huitzilopochtli, the God of Mexicas, and made the ostentatious start to Christmas celebrations.

Indispensable elements for a traditional Mexican "Posada" are: nativity set, lanterns, paper ornaments, fireworks, candles, "piñatas", music and, of course, food and drink.

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