İrem UZUN – DG- Pope Francis invites world political, cultural, and religious leaders to come together at the Vatican on 14 May 2020 for an event called “A Global Impact on Education”, which aims to better prepare the youth for economic, environmental and social challenges they might face in the future. According to the statement the Vatican released, in addition to the meeting, the event will include several seminars on different topics such as the promotion of human rights and peace, inter-religious dialogue, migration, international cooperation, refugees, economic justice and environmental protection.

According to a statement of the Congregation for Catholic Education, this event is a response to a request that came during several meetings Francis had with different personalities of “various cultures and religious affiliations". The statement also says that the new educational pact will focus on 3 major fractures that affect the world. First of all, the pact will help children to separate reality from transcendence and introduce “total reality”. Secondly, it will bring people from different generations, cultures, religions together to live peacefully. Lastly, it aims to educate young people to become responsible and conscious individuals for the environment.

Three preparatory conferences will take place between this month and April. One will take place in Abu Dhabi; others will be in Italy and the Vatican.

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