İlknur Şebnem Öztemel – TDO - Speaking to the weekly Catholic Tertio magazine, published in Belgium, Pope Francis argued that the antagonism of war in Europe is not sincere.

He said former European leaders like Robert Schumann or Alcide De Gasperi were sincere in their “No War” motto but now there is no real leader in Europe.

Moreover, he said ‘’ While our tongue says peace, we continue to sell weapons to warring factions.’’ He gave examples of economy theories that orders declaring war for healing budget deficit and argued that it is a good way to become wealthier but there is a huge humanitarian cost of blood.

Furthermore, he replied the question regarding ties between global terror and religion as; ‘’No religion declares war’, only some deformations can do it’’.

Besides, he argued that political secularism is a good thing but there is also difference between secularism and Laicism. He said unlike Laicism, human nature was not able to close doors metaphysics.

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