Selin ATAY-TDO- US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will has to decide whether to approve a plan that includes declaring Cuba a terror-supporting state.

Two US State Department officials said in a newspaper interview that Mike Pompeo should decide whether to approve the plan before President-elect Joe Biden officially takes office on January 20.

In May, the US State Department decided that Cuba was among 4 countries that did not fully cooperate with them in their counterterrorism efforts. Cuba was placed on the list of countries considered by the United States to support terrorism during the Ronald Reagan administration. However, Cuba was officially removed from the list after Obama announced a normalization of relations between the two countries in 2015.

Iran, Syria and North Korea are currently on the U.S. list of states that support terrorism.

A statement by the US State Department, of declaring a country a supporter of terrorism "restrictions on U.S. foreign assistance, Prohibition of export and sale of defence and dual-use export controls on certain products in addition to completing various financial and other restrictions" contains stated that sanctions would bring.

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