Mustafa AY – TDO – 13.05.2018 On Saturday, 24,5 million Iraqi constituents went to polling stations, which were established across the country’ major cities like Bagdat, Kirkuk, Kut and many others, in order to chose the representatives of the Central Iraqi Parliament. There are approximately 7000 candidates running for 329 parliamentary seats. Today, the parliamentary election has a prevailing moral gravity since it is the first election following the defeat of DEAS by Iraqi forces in 2017.

Even though Iraqi forces announced that they rooted DEAS out of the country, there are still ongoing armed conflicts that intimidate and impact Iraqi society in an awful way. On Saturday when the parliamentary election began, bomb loaded car went through a polling station and exploded in Kirkuk. As a result of the bombing attack, 2 voters and bystander in the polling station were murdered unfortunately. In the right aftermath of the attack, many ambulances were refered to the explosion site so that they could reach the seriously wounded innocent citizens to the hospitals. The responsibility of bombing assail was assumed by DEAS immediately after the attack.

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