Selin ATAY-TDO- A major political crisis began in the South American country of Peru, where two heads of state emerged after Congress appointed new members to the Constitutional Court amid anti-graft discussions between Congress and the government.

In the Congress, the majority held by the opposition, the parliamentarians elected Gonzalo Ortiz de Zevallos Olaechea, a cousin of Congress President Pedro Olaechea, as a member of the Constitutional Court with the electoral process that they did not stop despite all the warnings of the government.

President Vizcarra, who had previously announced that he would dissolve Congress if such a situation occurred and said there had been a fraudulent vote, said he had 'disbanded' congress and called for early elections.

Stressing that he was always deeply committed to the Constitution and ready to fight for Peru, Vizcarra said: "the people of Peru, we are making a history right now and future generations will remember this moment. I hope when they remember they understand the weight of this struggle and how much damage a few villains have done to our country today,"

The opposition parliamentarians decided on the temporary dismissal of Vizcarra in a session they resumed following Vizcarra's decision to disband.

"I am a responsible combative woman, and I do not escape the challenge, no matter how big the challenges are," said Deputy Head of state Mercedes Araoz, who was appointed "interim head of state" after the decision and was sworn in Congress.

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