İrem GÖL -TDO- The Polish government intends to hold a presidential election in May, despite the growing opposition to it as doing so amid a pandemic would be unfair, undemocratic and potentially dangerous. Based on current polling, current president Andrzej Duda, an ally of the ruling Law and Justice party, would be likely to gain more than 50% of the vote and thus win a second term in office without requiring a second round of voting.

Poland currently has 2,420 confirmed cases of coronavirus and has seen 36 deaths. The country implemented some of the earliest lockdown measures in Europe to tackle with the outbreak. However, even as the lockdown measures have become progressively stricter in recent weeks, authorities have insisted that elections on 10 May go ahead.

The right wing Law and Justice party narrowly won a general election last autumn, but lost control of the upper house of parliament. Controlling the presidency is key for the party to avoid political deadlock. Critics say the Polish government wants to capitalize on this rather than have a riskier election later on, when the public health and economic fallout from coronavirus could offer a very different backdrop.

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