İrem UZUN -TDO- In his letter, Arkady Rzegocki, Poland’s ambassador to the UK, has addressedapproximately 832.000 Poles living in the UKand called them to “seriously consider” moving back home after Brexit.He wrote that until now, around 27% of Poles living in the British Isles have applied for settled status. “This is an alarmingly low level, meaning that thousands of Polish citizens may be exposed to complications related to the lack of regulating their status,” he added. He said many Polish people did not realize they had to register as they have lived here for many years.

He continued his letter trying to convince Polish citizens to return to their homeland. “Soon, Great Britain, which has been home to thousands of Poles for generations, will most likely cease to be a member of the European Union – which we regret, but we also see this process as an opportunity to strengthen the bond between our two countries,” he said. He argued the rapidly growing economy of Poland creates more and more opportunities for citizens for development and good living conditions in the country.He insisted that Polish citizens canmake a good living in their home country and don't need to live in Britain.

On Wednesday, Rzegocki spoke on the Today Programme in NBC and said last year 116,000 Polish left the UKbut there are still about a million in the country, they are doing the best to keep the relationship between the UK and Poland as close as possible as there is a long-standing friendship between two countries.

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