Mustafa AY – TDO – 02.03.2018 Poland accepted the reforms aimed at taking judiciary and state media agencies under government control. Following the decision, EU Executive Commission bring the case of suspending Poland’s voting rights in EU for agenda because EU officials consider Poland’s reforms on Judiciary and state media as the absolute breaches of the principles of judicial impartiality and of transparency of media.

On Thursday, EU parliament held a voting for the non-binding resolution suggesting the support for the commission’s punitive steps towards Poland in the forthcoming days. The voting resulted in 422 ‘yes’, 147 ‘no’ and 48 ‘abstention’. So, EU Commission, after taking parliament’s huge support, exhibited a solid stance on his decision on suspending Poland’s voting rights in EU. Even though the severity of tension between EU and Poland is high, EU’s given a second chance to Poland for nullifying the reforms till March 20. 

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