İrem UZUN -TDO- Poland's incumbent candidate Andrzej Duda won the country's presidential election, Poland's National Electoral Commission said Monday, securing a second five-year term for the right-wing populist president. With results in from over 99% of polling stations, and remaining uncounted votes unlikely to change the outcome, Duda won 51.21% of the vote, the commission said. Opposition candidate Rafal Trzaskowski received 48.79%. The difference in votes between the two candidates was around 500,000.

As BBC reported, it was Poland's slimmest presidential election victory since the end of communism in 1989. One of the major issues of the election was the future of the country's strained relations with the European Union. Duda is a social conservative allied with the government led by the nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) party, while Trzaskowski is the socially liberal mayor of Warsaw. “Thank you also for the amazing energy that we have managed to unleash together during these few weeks,” Trzaskowski wrote on Twitter. In a short speech later, he congratulated Duda and expressed hope that his second term might be different from the first.

During its time in office, PiS has clashed with Brussels over rule of law and assaults on the judiciary, and on Tuesday the European parliament’s civil liberties committee will vote on whether the EU should broaden its continued disciplinary procedure against Poland. The EU executive launched an investigation into the rule of law in Poland more than four and a half years ago, but the process has languished as EU member states are divided over how to respond.

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