İrem UZUN -TDO- Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Sunday he would strengthen prison sentences, vowing to boost security after an attack in the British capital by a man convicted of terrorism who was released early from prison.“We are going to bring in tougher sentences for serious sexual and violent offenders and for terrorists,” Johnson said in BBC interview. “I absolutely deplore the fact that this man was out on the street, I think it was absolutely repulsive and we are going to take action,” he added. The attacker named Usman Khan was shot dead by police on Friday after killing two people and threatening to detonate what was later revealed to be a fake suicide vest.

Johnson also assailed Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn for his stance that discretion should be applied in sentencing for terrorism convictions based on the specific crimes as well as prisoners' conduct.He was keen to portray his rival as being weak on crime, blaming the opposition party for bringing in a law that automatically released some prisoners early when it was in government.Corbyn, a veteran peace campaigner, said he believed convicted terrorists should "not necessarily" serve their full prison terms, suggesting it would depend on the nature of their sentence and also how they had behaved in prison."It depends on the circumstances, it depends on the sentence, but crucially it depends on what they've done in the prison," he said.

With less than two weeks before Britain heads to the polls, law and order has raced to the top of the election agenda after the attack. Conservative Party have championed tough police and prison measures. Moreover, Johnson said if he won the December 12 election he would invest more money in the prison system.

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