News Center -TDO- The photography exhibition held in memory of Kyrgyzstan's 30th anniversary of independence was opened, hosted by the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Ankara and the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.

The exhibition opened at Zafer Çarşısı Fine Arts Gallery was attended by Kyrgyzstan's Ambassador to Ankara Kubaniçbek Ömuraliyev, Ankara Deputy Mayor Sercan Çığgın and guests.

Making the opening speech, Ambassador Ömuraliyev thanked those who supported the organization of the exhibition and said that such events contribute to the strengthening of friendship and cooperation between countries.

Ambassador Ömuraliyev explained even though the country declared its independence 30 years ago, Kyrgyzstan has a history of more than 2,300 years and stated that it is their duty to transfer this legacy to future generations.

Noting that the cooperation between Kyrgyzstan and Turkey has developed successfully in every field for 30 years, Ambassador Ömuraliyev said, "The most important factor in the development of relations is the close historical bond between the peoples of the two countries. We have the same history and culture. We are people with similar languages, understandings and traditions. I sincerely believe that these events will contribute to the strengthening of these ties and the preservation of our common cultural values."

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Sercan Çığgın stated they want Ankara residents to have the opportunity to get to know Kyrgyzstan closely by opening this exhibition, which was previously located in the Presidential Complex, the Turkish Grand National Assembly and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  "It is my greatest wish that these and similar activities, which are instrumental in the development of our friendship and close cooperation, will increasingly continue," he said.

The exhibition will remain open until Saturday, August 28.

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