Mustafa AY – TDO – 23.03.2018 Philippines announced to build up a new naval base in Northern Luzon Island. Lieutenant-Colonel Isagani Nato – spokesman of Northern Luzon Command of Philippines – said that they are planning to build up the naval base in Mavulis Island – one of the islands of Luzon region - for the purpose of preventing the poaching/illegal fishing and smuggling activities in the zone. The naval base will reportedly be constructed on April. Through the base, Philippines government is going to intensify its maritime patrols for hampering the poachers and traffickers.

Philippines’s plan for the construction of the naval base emanates from the Taiwanese fishermen’ poaching in the controversial zone, Philippines authorities claim so. Philippines want to hinder Taiwanese poacher from entering the controversial zone since the zone hosts rich fishing waters. Owing to enormous potential of the zone in terms of hosting the abundant of various fishes, the conflict arises from both nations’ contradictory economic interests in the zone on the grounds that the fishing undeniably accounts for the big part of two countries’ economies. Therefore, the diplomatic uproar between Philippines and Taiwan is still exacerbating.

The exacerbating crisis between two nations has an unfortunate background. To examine the close history of the crisis, in 2013, Philippines naval vessel hit a Taiwanese fishing boat on the pretext of violating the international maritime law. Following the incident, one fisherman was killed. In the aftermath of such a terrible incident, two nations have commenced drastic proliferation of security measures against each other mutually.

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