Mustafa AY – TDO – 12.09.2017 Rodrigo Duterte authorized police officers, who conduct drug operations, with killing those making drug trafficking in the previous days.  Now, President Duterte granted police officers license to kill those who violently resisting arrestment by police. On Monday, during speech in Heroes’ Cemetery in Manila, “if there is an offence by a civilian, security officers have right to arrest that person. In case of resisting the arrestment, security officers have authority to kill that ‘idiot’” stated President Duterte. That Duterte applied ‘idiot’ in his sentence led the audience to be astonished.

Rodrigo Duterte was in official scrutiny of Human Rights officials on account of security forces’ operations with license to kill granted by Duterte himself. During the speech at the Cemetery, Duterte touched on this issue. He’s been targeted by Human Rights because Chief Inspector Jovie Espenido led the death of some of official executives in the operation-zone. In face of Human Rights’ right attitude against Duterte, he seemed to be uncomfortable with the investigation of Human Rights. He advocated Espenido’s deeds during the operations which led the local officials’s deaths, on the grounds that these local official executives were considered to get engaged in drug smuggling by President Rodrigo Duterte. In addition to this, Duterte ordered the police officers to chase Iloilo Mayor –Jeb Mabilog- for apprehension and treat the mayor with no privilege like the killed officials. He gave this order because Mayor Jeb Mabilog is also considered to get engaged in the drug smuggling. If security forces find him and try to arrest him following capture and he resists it, he would be shot to death by police. It would be taken for granted by police from now on by reason of authorization of killing that President granted.

Human Rights officials approach this matter vulnerably because Duterte’s order has any ground like concrete proof indicating whether Mayor has ever got in drug business. In case of that if President Duterte exceeds his authority and responsibly and exhibits arbitrariness in his presidential authority, Human Rights may alter the course of scrutiny by applying The Hague for filing for trial against Duterte. Therefore, though times wait for Duterte if Duterte can’t find evidence for whether or not the killed officials got engaged in this filthy business of drug.   

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