Sirwan Barzani who is the nephew of Mesud Barzani,  argued that non of Kurdish peshmergas will leave the area that they gained in the war against ISIS. He added naturally there will be another ISIS as none of the internal Iraqi issues have been resolved but  the Kurds will be ready. Also he said Kurds no longer trust the Iraqi army to defend the country, after it lost nearly a third of  it to ISIS  two and a half years ago.  He had concluded his words as "It was our front line, now it's our border, and we will stay forever.” Moreover  another Kurdish official  Dishad  Mawlod  directly described the fortifications as the future borders of ‘‘Kurdistan’’. Furthermore Peshmerga commander Aref Taymour said that once IS is driven from the northern city of Mosul, the Kurds will negotiate a new border with Baghdad. Mosul has been a problematic issue since the treaty between Saddam Husein and Kurds. Peshmerga forces increase their power over some other cities like Turkmen originated Kirkuk. Like Barzani and Mawlod, Taymour ended his words by representing his determination  to not to give up gained territory as  "lands that have been liberated by blood, we have no intention to give them back to the federal government." A similar process is underway in Syria, where Syrian Kurdish forces have seized large swathes of land from IS.

Nevertheless Anwar Anaid who is the  dean of social sciences at the University of Kurdistan Hewler said "After the defeat of IS, Sunnis will dispute the Kurdish claims, the Shiites in Baghdad will dispute both the Sunni claims and the Kurdish claims, and the possibility of conflict is real’’. Also, Anaid highlighted that there is a strong desire for Kurdish independence in the region.

Meanwhile U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter said; Although the fight to retake the Iraqi city of Mosul from Islamic State is going to be difficult, it is "possible" to be complete before President-elect Donald Trump takes Office. However, he did not give any detailed information about how to do it.

US led coalition on air  and 100,000 Iraqi government troops, Kurdish security forces and mainly Shi'ite militiamen on land are participating in the assault on Mosul which has began on 17 October.  It is  claimed that coalition forces continue to gain ground against the militants who still hold about three-quarters of the country's largest northern city.

Obviously  there is an ongoing demographic change project  in Iraq as mainly Turkmens and Sunni Arabs forced to immigrate  regarding ongoing wars and excluded from the political process. Article 140 of the Iraqi constitution foresee a referendum that give a chance to Iraqi Kurds for their self-determination but such a vote has not be held yet.  Since Gulf War Kurds got many advantages as they are one opponent of Saddam Husein and Islamic groups. They have increased their power under US umbrella as  Pro-American forces on ground. It seems Kurds are local winners of the chaos  in Iraq. Like they are the only local group that could fight against diverse authoritarian leaders, Islamic groups and ISIS, they are the only group that have supported and gifted.

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