News Centre – TDO – India’s Embassy in Ankara has commemorated Mahatma Gandhi, the political and spiritual leader of the Indian Independence Movement on the 150th anniversary of his birth with a Peace March held in Ankara’s Seğmenler Park.

The march organised by the Indian Embassy in Ankara was attended by Indian Ambassador Sanjay Bhattacharyya and his spouse Rano Bhattacharyya, AK Party MP for Bursa Efkan Ala, CHP MP for Izmir Özcan Purçu, members of diplomatic missions and Turkish citizens.

Following the lighting of candles and flowers being laid in remembrance, Gandhi’s favourite pieces of music were played.

In his speech, Ambassador Bhattacharyya said that Gandhi had undertaken much for the benefit of humanity and had always sided with peace and the truth.

Bhattacharyya underlined that Gandhi believed human nature was strong enough to overcome all challenges and that this understanding forms the foundations of the Indian democracy.

Bhattacharyya said that Gandhi was capable of saying “no”, had resisted British colonialism and defended peoples’ rights to determine their own future based on their own culture and experiences.

MP Ala said that he was honoured to take part in such an event commemorating Gandhi and added that Gandhi's actions had made him a historical personality.

Following the speeches, participants took part in the Peace March around Seğmenler Park, carrying placards with Gandhi’s sayings on them.

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