Mustafa AY – TDO – 28.02.2018 On Monday, Taliban terrorist organization directly delivered its intention for peace talks to the US authorities. Taliban asked Afghan delegates to take part in the peace talks, if USA answers the call. USA and Taliban went through such talks before. In 2013, when USA and Taliban conducted peace negotiations in Taliban’s Doha office, Afghan President Hamid Kharzai refused to compromise with Taliban. After his intense rejection to the peace negotiations, USA and Taliban ended the talks as expectedly.

This peace call is different from the prior one because Taliban placed collosal emphasis on the attendance of Afghan govt. to the peace talks. However, in the aftermath of the bombing incidents and raids to a hotel by Taliban in January, USA and Afghanistan would not reply to Taliban’ call. That both countries remained disinterested in the call, Taliban says so, can be attributable to those abovementioned attacks by Taliban.  Because of those attacks, many civilians and diplomats including US ones were killed. Thus, USA and Afghanistan don’t seemingly believe in the sincerity of Taliban’s peace call.

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