İrem UZUN -TDO- Authorities in Paris have banned exercise outside during the day, as the fight against the coronavirus outbreak continues. The new rules are in force between 10:00 and 19:00 local time and come into effect on Wednesday. Mayor Anne Hidalgo and the chief of police said this would restrict people to exercise "when the streets are generally at their quietest".

Under nationwide confinement rules that came into force on March 17, people can leave their homes only for essential purposes, which had included a solo walk or run within one kilometer of their homes. However, as sunny days arrived over the weekend, large groups of Parisians were seen running, walking and congregating in groups, even as police issued fines for lockdown violations and hospitals struggled to cope with the influx of patients.

The move came just after Health Minister Olivier Veran announced Monday a record daily coronavirus death toll of 833 people in 24 hours. He said 478 people were admitted to intensive care in the period, a higher figure than in previous days. "It is not over. Far from that. The path is long. The figures that I have announced show this," the minister said, urging people to "stay at home and continue this confinement effort".

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner had already urged regional officials to toughen restrictions locally. On Monday, the mayor of Sceaux, located on the south of Paris, issued a decree obliging all residents over the age of 10 to cover their mouth and nose when leaving the home starting on Wednesday. Those who do not have surgical masks must wear a homemade alternative or tie a scarf or bandanna around their face, otherwise they could be fined 38 Euros.

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