Mustafa AY – TDO – 31.03.2018 On Friday, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan and many other Mostly-Muslim populated nations called UNSC for the emergency session on account of the fact that Israel slaughtered many Palestinian demonstrators across the northern border line of Gaza Strip. That thousands of Palestinian protester wanted their Israeli-invaded settlements back fuelled the tension inescapably. Thousands of Palestinians have been persist in their demonstration of ‘Great Return’ for 6 weeks. They’ve stood against Israel’s illegitimate expansionist policy firmly and boldly; they still do astonishingly.

With the proliferating figures of protesters across Gaza border, Israeli army intensified the patrols. Because Israeli forces deployed across the border remained inadequate in the face of the protesters insomuch that the protests diffused towards 5 other parts of the border. For this reason, Israeli army had to deploy reinforcements along Gaza border. However, Israeli forces on the border couldn’t overtly figure the protests out without the use of force/weapon. So, they opened fire on the Palestinian civilians in Jabalia which is located at the northern part of Gaza Strip. Apparently, Israeli soldiers tried to deter the Palestinian crowds from rally that they resorted to reclaim their occupied lands legitimately.

Following the unwanted and abominable incident, Gaza Health Ministry released the figure of casualties that Israeli army carnaged. According to the figures, 16 Palestinian civilians were murdered in addition to 1416 wounded – both heavily and slightly-. Since the tension resulted in mass murder by Israeli army, Turkey, Jordan, Kuwait and many other Mostly-Muslim populated nations asked UNSC to convene. Israel is officially held accountable for the carnage executed against Palestinian civilians. However, Israel defended its atrocity with the pretext of “Palestinian terrorists attempted at infiltrating our territories”.   

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