Hassam Hameed-TDO-21.10.2017-  Omar Khalid al Khorasani, the man behind numerous deadly bomb attacks, was killed in a drone strike in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Paktia earlier this week. It comes ahead of the visit of US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to Pakistan. Pakistan and US relationship is at its all time low.

There has been an increasing number of drone strikes in Afghanistan this past week, killing around 40 people, all being concentrated near the border of Pakistan. Islamabad has been calling for action from US on the Pakistani taliban that have been planning attacks on the soil of Pakistan across the border in Afghanistan. Similar call of actions has been made by the US and Afghan government to Pakistani government to dismantle the safe havens of Afghan Taliban in Pakistan, who attack the installments and civilians in Afghanistan.

Khorasani ruled Jamaat-ul-Ahrar with an iron fist. His death will benefit Pakistan in its  military operations it commenced against Pakistani Taliban. Favorite replacement has surfaced already, Asad Afridi. Afridi was a very close aide to Khorasani and has declared himself as his deputy, but there is a rumour surfacing that there is a concern over Afridi’s power base among the pashtun ethnic people in the group who make the majority.

Release of US-Canadian couple after been in captivity for five years under the haqqani faction of Taliban and the intense drone strikes by US on Pakistani Taliban in Afghanistan, has brought down the tension between US and Pakistan. And the warm words from Washington shows a contrast to the recent US policy on Pakistan. All ahead to the Rix Tillerson visit to Pakistan.

Moreover, Taliban has increased intensity its activities. The recent major attack on Afghan military in kandahar province had 43 soldiers killed. This assault was third one this week which had eighty people killed and around 300 wounded. Yesterday there was a suicide bomb attack on a shia mosque in Kabul, also, reportedly, there were gun fires on worshipers gathered to offer Friday prayers. The pace of Taliban activities is expected to increase before winter chill takes over.

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