Selin ATAY-TDO- "The worst-case scenario for the Middle East is a direct conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia," Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan told Al Jazeera in extracts the broadcaster released from an interview.

Prime Minister said his country is trying to prevent a possible conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia.  “Our mediation between Iran and Saudi Arabia has not stopped and we are making progress, but slowly,” Khan said.

“We have done our best to avoid a military confrontation between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and our efforts have succeeded,” Qatar-based Al Jazeera also reported Prime Minister Khan as saying.

Pakistan's Prime Minister Khan also touched on the discrimination experienced by Muslims in India. "What is done to Muslims in India is similar to what Jews experienced in Nazi Germany," Khan said.

In recent months, Khan has accused India of defending Hindu supremacy, saying: "the expansionist policies of the Hindu nationalist Modi government resemble the Hitler’s Lebensraum”

Khan said Pakistan aims to bring peace to Yemen and is working towards it, describing the events in the Yemen region as a "humanitarian crisis."

Imran Khan also mentioned about the ongoing relations between Pakistan and Turkey. "We want to deepen our relations with Turkey by increasing our economic cooperation." Khan said.

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