Serhat TUNAR -TDO- As a result of the tension between India and Pakistan, Abhinandan Vartha, the pilot of the crashed Indian airplane, was released on Wednesday. The pilot received by India and Indian officials announced that he willundergo a medical examination.

This development is expected to reduce the tension between the two countries. However, according to experts, India does not give the impression that it will take any steps to reduce the tension.

In the Kashmir region, where there was a border dispute between India and Pakistan, on February 14, 40 security guards were killed in a suicide attack on a convoy carrying military forces. India blamed the Pakistan Intelligence Service and Pakistan refused the charges.

After the attack, India launched an airstrike on Pakistan, explaining that militants targeted training camps. Pakistan dropped an Indian plane on the grounds that it had violated a border.

The pilot of the crashed plane has been in custody by the Pakistani armed forces since Tuesday.

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