Selin ATAY-TDO- Pakistan does not want to any war, but if India starts one the country could have no option other than to respond, Pakistan’s president Arif Alvi spoke about possibilities of war with India over Jammu Kashmir at a group of Turkish journalist in capital Islamabad.

 "We don't want war; it is not good for us to be dragged into war. But what would happen if India wants to start one? The Pakistani army is well prepared for this war and it is very experienced. In the past, we've fought a lot against terror in the country," Alvi said after underlining the importance of dialogue between the two nuclear-armed countries for the resolution of the Kashmir dispute.

He called on the Indian authorities for a diplomatic solution while warning that India’s military attempts in the region might cause a nuclear threat to the entire world. “If India does not come to the table, what I am afraid of is resistance in Kashmir by the Kashmiris who will be much more frustrated. It will lead to much more complications,” Alvi told the journalist.

"The most important problem is that the control of nuclear weapons in India lies with fascists. The world is in great danger," Alvi warned referring to India's ruling Hindu nationalist administration and also saying it might lead to nuclear confrontation and recalled Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Alvi also compared India's anti-minority policies in the last 30 years to Adolf Hitler's ideology, saying: "The party of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took Mein Kampf  and Hitler as its role model."

Alvialso thanked Turkey for itssupport on the special statusissue. “I am grateful that Turkey supported us on every platform. I assure you that Pakistan will also stand with Turkey on Cyprus and on any issue.”

The leaders of India and Pakistan are set to address the UN General Assembly on Friday.

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