News Center -TDO- Pakistan's Ambassador to Turkey Muhammed  Syrus Sajjad Qazi hosted the “Mango” Fest.

Ambassadors, academicians and guests attended the festival, which was held in the Embassy of Pakistan in Ankara.

In his opening speech, Ambassador Qazi said that the mango, which he described as the king of fruits, is among the sweetest fruits of the world. Ambassador Qazi said Pakistan is the world's sixth largest mango producer and  fourth  largest mango exporter.

Ambassador Gazi said, “Mango is one of our most important fruits. "We thank the officials at Turkey's Ministry of Foreign Affairs for helping us get these mangoes here," he said.

After the Ambassador's speech, the cake was cut for the 75th anniversary of Turkey-Pakistan relations. Pakistani cuisine was also served to the guests along with mangoes.

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