News Center -TDO-Pakistan’s Ambassador to Turkey Muhammad Syrus Sajjad Qazi hosted a ceremony to confer its highest civilian award on Turkish officials at Ankara HiltonSA Hotel.

At the state engagement ceremony, Pakistani Ambassador Mohammed Sirus Seccad Ghazi presented Ismail Kahraman with the highest award given to civilians in Pakistan, "Hilal-i Pakistan", and Recep Akdag, "Crescent-i Concession".

Many guests attended to the ceremony.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Pakistan's Ambassador in Ankara Muhammad Syrus Sajjad Qazi thanked the officials for playing an outstanding role in further strengthening historic ties between the brotherly nations.

"Pakistan-Turkey relationship has been nurtured by enormous efforts of our earlier generations and now the responsibility lies with us to further strengthen it and pass this sacred trust to our younger generations," he said.

Recep Akdag also made a speech at the ceremony and said, "It is one of the most pleasant events for me to receive this award given by the Pakistan government."

Turkish and Pakistan nationalities are very close to each other, noted Recep Akdag and said "the Turkish nation and the friendship between the Pakistani people will continue forever.”

Recep Akdag also said that in 1938 when Mustafa Kemal Ataturk passed away, in response to the message of condolence to the Union of Pakistani Muslim Students at Cambridge, Ambassador Fethi Okyar used for the first time the official name of Pakistan.

Ismail Kahraman also thanked to the Pakistan Government for the ceremony and said, "There are really good relations between Pakistan and Turkey. We have a good friendship and we both benefit from it."

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