İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO- According to Gulf News, authorities decided to use robot polices for public order in United Arab Emirates.

General Abdullah Bin Sultan who is the director of Dubai Police Future Configuration Center declared that they would use robots in the department, starting with May. It has been asserted that this robot police has face recognition systems, a walkie –talkie that connected to central police department and able to talk foreign languages. Also, robot police has a touch screen which make people able to notice any suspicious event.

Sultan said that robots would consist about 20-30% of whole police force till 2030. He added that they aim Dubai to be one of the most secure five cities in the World, till 2025.

It seems technology will get additional space in our lives. It is complicated as many police officers will be unemployed, if state goals about the issue become real. Robocop, famous story of robot police, released in 1987, seems to be real. There is no doubt that this would make its fans happy. Nevertheless, he was a hero when there were only one of them.

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