İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-18.05.2017 According to Sputnik News, a political activist and a significant name in the Resistance to Hopelessness movement, Marko Milačić, said The North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) intends to use its newest and shaky castle, Montenegro, to militarize the Balkan Peninsula.

He indicated thatNATO added Montenegro to its members in order "to show others, particularly Serbia, how powerful it is". He also asserted that the US-led alliance "wants to use Montenegro to militarize the Balkans and Serbia since Belgrade is the main player in the region".

Milačić added that Montenegro should become the first country to leave the military union. He said "It should be emphasized that the decision to join NATO was made by criminal authorities, not the people. Montenegrins are against the country becoming part of the bloc. All surveys prove this. The accession process took place without an input from the people or the opposition which has boycotted the parliament. In other words, a crippled parliament did this. However, aspirations for freedom appeared in Montenegro long before these people came to power. We will outlive NATO and our domestic occupants who would eventually end up in prison or flee somewhere".

It is planned that Montenegro will become a full-fledged member of NATO at the upcoming summit scheduled to be held on May 24-25, in Brussels.

Montenegro was invited to join NATO in December 2015, as part of the first expansion of the alliance into Eastern Europe in six years. Nevertheless, this led some problems with its former ally and infinite influencer Russia. Moreover, the decision caused hesitation and street demonstration in some parts of the country. Additionally,Russia has repeatedly expressed concern over NATO's eastward expansion, defending that this process could affect stability and security in the region negatively. 

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