İrem UZUN -TDO- On Tuesday, a male student armed with a sword killed a woman and wounded nine others in an attack at a college in the Finnish city of Kuopio.The suspected attacker, who was in his mid-twenties, used “a sabre-type of bladed weapon”, chief inspector Mikko Lyytinen said. The motive for the attack was not clear.

One woman told Finnish media how she had helped a female teacher who suffered a deep wound to her hand when she was attacked by the student."While I was helping the teacher, I started hearing other shouts for help... students were running," she told Finnish television channel MTV. The suspect had walked in on a class and pulled a sword out of his bag and attacked the teacher, the Iltahlehti news website reported. As she tried to flee, students threw chairs at the attacker in an attempt to escape and some were wounded. Another witness told local radio that officers had confronted the suspect, and two shots had been fired.

Prime Minister Antti Rinne said the violence at the college was "shocking and completely unacceptable", while Education Minister Li Andersson said every young person had a right to study in safety, without fear of violence.

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