İlknur Şebnem Öztemel- TDO- United Nations Office of Human Rights High Commissioner (ONCHR) has released report that revealed the cruelty against Rohingya children, women and men. Actually, Rakhine state in Myanmar is a stronghold of ferocity. Muslim minority of Rohingyas suffer from mass killings, rape and violence for a long time. Previously several foreign and NGO representatives criticized the event, 23 Nobel Peace Prize winners, including the youngest Nobel winner Malala Yousafzai and Archbishop Desmond Tutuand the most recently, Pope Francis criticized the fatale situation in Rohingya.

In the report UN sources approve the existence of mass gang-rape, sexual violence, killings of man and woman including children and babies, conducted by Myanmar security officers. For the report, experts individually interviewed with 204 people, 101 of which are woman, in Bangladeshi border where an estimated 66.000 Rohingya have fled since 9th of October.  It has been indicated that more than half of these woman faced with rape and sexual violence.

Moreover, it has been mentioned that victims of  state-handed violence faced not only destruction of property,sexual violence, mass detention,mass killings, opening fire at people fleeing but also they confronted deprivation of food, medical treatment  and ethnic-religious insults like “You are Bangladeshis and you should go back” or “What can your Allah do for you? See what we can do?”

The “area clearance operations” have likely resulted in hundreds of deaths and have led to an estimated 66,000 people fleeing into Bangladesh and 22,000 being internally displaced.

Army of Myanmar entered Rohingya region in the West, as a response to Rohingya militants that killed 9 police officers on 9 October. Until now, an estimated 66,000 people fleeing into Bangladesh, 22,000 being internally displaced and many others are lost. Criticssaid the army’s response was disproportionate in their are cleansing operations.

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