News Centre – TDO- Oktoberfest begins with the mayor of Munich tapping a large wooden barrel of beer. In German it is called O’zapft ist: The barrel has been tapped!

The traditional German beer festival which has spread around the world from Munich made it to the Ankara HiltonSa last night. The large ballroom was designed according to tradition for the festival.

Marking its fifth time in Ankara, the traditional Oktoberfest began with the tapping of a barrel of beer. The festival was attended by approximately six hundred people.

The menu prepared by guest chef Andreas Scheuregger included Sauerkraut, Kartoffelsalat (potato salad with mustard), Radischen (radishes), Pretzels, Bratwurst (sausages), Weisswurst (Bavarian pork sausages), Senf (mustard), Knödel (battered meatballs), Hahnchenkeule (chicken legs) and beef sausages to go with the beer.

Guests who appeared in traditional Bavarian attire, Dirndl (for women) and Trachten (for men), made for a colourful scene.

The celebrations lasted well into the night, with the Big Little Band playing until 10 p.m. and a DJ until the midnight. As the stands had turned the lobby into a carnival place, a true German festival atmosphere was experienced by all.

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