İrem UZUN -TDO- Israel carried out a recent cyberattack on an Iranian port facility, apparently in retaliation for an attempt by Tehran to target Israel’s water infrastructure, the Washington Post reported Monday. The report, citing foreign and U.S. officials, said Israel was likely behind the hack that brought the “bustling Shahid Rajaee port terminal to an abrupt and inexplicable halt” on May 9.

On May 10, Iranian officials reported a failed cyberattack on the Strait of Hormuz, saying hackers infiltrated and damaged a small number of computers at the port of Shahid Rajaee in the city of Bandar Abbas. "A recent cyberattack failed to penetrate the Ports and Maritime Organization’s (PMO) systems and was only able to infiltrate and damage a number of private operating systems at the port," said Mohammad Rastad, Iran's Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development, on Sunday according to local news agencies. Rastad said the attack came from outside the country but did not provide further details.

The anonymous officials assessed that the attack was launched in retaliation for an Iranian attempt late last month to breach the command-and-control systems of Israeli water and sewage facilities. The Iranian attack, which took place on April 24, was detected in time for water plant employees to change their passwords, and as a result, no damage was done. Iran denies that it was behind the failed hacking attempt.

While the Embassy of Israel in Iran has not responded to allegations yet, the Israel Defense Forces declined to comment on the report.

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