Mustafa AY – TDO – 05.04.2018 On Wednesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Trukish President R.T. Erdoğan made an official meeting for the course of Syria. The leaders of 3 nation conducted the official talk concerning the issues ranging from Operation Oil Branch of Turkish Armed Forces in Syria’s Afrin, regional integrity, border security, humanitarian aid to Syrians in refugee camps to drafting new consititution for Syria.

Erdoğan, in the meeting, stated his national interests and concerns that have faced with the imminent threats posed by terrorist organisation of YPG in Manbij and Afrin. Through his right concerns, Erdoğan tried to legitimize Operation Oil Branch in a sense. As a response to Erdoğan’s national concerns and interests, Hassan Rouhani said that Turkey’s Operation Oil Branch can be legitimate if only Turkey hands over Afrin to its true owner, which is Syria.

Each leader also focused on the issue of failed ceasefire on which UNSC compromised. They discussed about the need of a new ceasefire and de-escalation zones. With this move that each country will take in order to promote the regional peace at the end, each country will be able to conduct their own humanitarian aids to Syrians in refugee camps and bombarded settlements. However, each conflicting sides (Asad regime forces supported by Iran and Russia and opposition forces supported by Trukey) needs to reach a reconciliation first, which Turkey, Russia and Iran will mediate effectively.

Each leader reached a consensus with regards to the issue referring to drafting a new constitution for Syria. However, to be able to draft a new constitution, as previously mentioned, each conflicting fractions –Asad regime and opposition- ought to compromise and work together, which are regarded as ‘compulsory’, under the watch of each nations.

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