Selin ATAY-TDO- Foreign Ministry stated that Russia’s civil aviation services are available for evacuation of Afghan citizens without any limitations in terms of number of people and their gender.

“In order to prevent the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, we are ready to provide Russian civil aviation services to ensure the flight of any number of Afghan citizens, including women and children, to any foreign countries, who will show interest in their reception and placement," spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told a news conference that organized in Moscow.

Also Zakharova added Russian officials are working on organization of charter flights for Russian citizens who wants to abandon Afghanistan since the country is now under the control of Taliban. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman assured that Taliban representatives gave them “appropriate security guarantees", therefore there will be no obstacles for such flights.

Spokeswoman considered the Taliban as “the new Afghan authorities”, and according to her "their coming to power in Kabul is a reality that the world community should take into account when building further relations with Afghanistan." Also, she viewed former President Ashraf Ghani as main responsible actor for what happened in the Afghanistan.

Even though Zakharova denied all accusation about Russia’s positive attitude about Taliban, she accepted many actions of Taliban such as amnesty to former officials and restoring the order in the seized cities and provinces by Taliban forces.

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