Hassam Hameed-TDO-29.10.2107- Nuclear attack threat from North Korea has accelerated, says US Secretary of Defence James Mattis. Increased intensity of unnecessary missiles tests depicts the mood of Pyongyang.

Mattis has accused North Korea of illegal possession of nuclear bomb and unnecessary missiles tests. Mattis has warned of ‘massive military response’ in case of nuclear attack on US or its allies e.g. South Korea and Japan. Mr. Mattis accused North Korea of oppressing its public freedoms and ignoring the welfare for its people.

Recently, there has been angry exchange of verbal rhetoric between US President Donald Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jong-un, which had global leaders worried and have requested for restraint from both sides. US is pressuring China to use its economic ties with North Korea in order to put a lid on North Korea aggressive behavior, but it is unclear whether China has the clout to influence North Korean regime’s behavior.

North Korea has accused US and South Korea of provocative behavior by conducting military drills and having three carrier strike groups in Asian waters.

Korean peninsula had bloody history of invasions on their soil. They always have been dominated by greater powers e.g. China, Russia, Japan. All great powers had collaborators from inside the peninsula, which inflicted a sense of hatred among the Koreans, and that is what North Korea blames South Korea of “collaborating” with the foreigners. Ironically Kim IL-Sung was himself a “collaborator” handpicked by Stalin.

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