Mustafa AY – TDO – 26.11.2017 In the second week of November in 2017, Norwegian Air Forces received its first 3 of 40 F-35 high-tech aircraft from US aerial company Lockheed Martin. However, it became evident that Norwegian govt. surprised with an untold feature of F-35 aircraft, even if Norway should have known all the details concerning the aircraft since Norway is the one major partner manufacturer among 9 countries. The problem disclosed by Norwegian officials is that Norwegian F-35 aircrafts covertly transmits flight data to Lockheed Martin’ server based in Fort Worth in Texas. What it means that Pentagon officials could be easily conscious about every confidential missions that Norwegian F-35 aircrafts will perform over its own region.

Norway is considered to be the first country procuring the F-35 flight codes from USA. In the matter of flight codes, some other joint producer of the program like Turkey had confronted with refusal of delivery by Pentagon, as a result of long-lasting talks between Under secretariat of Turkish Defense Industry and Pentagon. Turkey has had concerns over the flight codes as it is the major agenda on Turkish politics. However, with this annoying exposure by Norwegian authorities, the reliance on US-based company and Pentagon may be undermined because Norwegian Defense Ministry thought as if they had obtained flight codes from Lockheed Martin. Norway has bargained with Lockheed Martin for purchasing 40 F-35 aircrafts and is anticipated to buy additional 12 too. The full delivery of 40 F-35 will be completed till 2020. Fifth generation aircraft program with the purchase of 40+12 will cost roughly 8.40 billion dollars to Norway, if Norway buy additional 12 F-35. 

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