Nuran YILDIRIM –TDO- Following a deepening political crisis, The Northern Ireland Secretary James Brokenshire announced that the regional parliament will be dissolved on January 26 and early elections will be held on 2 March.

In the past week, the Republican Sinn Fein Party and Northern Ireland Regional Government Deputy Prime Minister Martin McGuinness resigned as a reaction to the leader of the Democratic Unity Party (DUP) and the Northern Ireland Regional Government Prime Minister Arlene Foster, who did not take into account accusations against her.

Resigning McGuinness started a seven-day process to determine a new person to take his office. However, upon the nomination of no one, it was announced that the parliament will be dissolved due to the relevant legislation and early elections will be held. Commenting on this, the British government's Northern Ireland Minister James Brokenshire announced the date of early election.

Amid the breakdown of the tie-up between the Democratic Union Party (DUP) and the Sinn Fein Party, the leaders of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland urged for a respectful election campaign.

After James Brokenshire announced that the parliamentary elections will be held on March 2, Theresa May and Enda Kenny made a phone call and called for a respectful election campaign in Northern Ireland.

Britain, seeking to make sure that the institutions established by the Good Friday Treaty of 1998, which started the Northern Ireland peace process, were working effectively, had attempted to intervene directly in Northern Ireland through announcing the date of early election.

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