News Center -TDO-A reception was held at Ankara Sheraton Hotel in consequence of “Northern Cyprus Tourism Cooperation Meeting”, which was hosted by Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus embassy in Ankara.

Vice President of the Republic of Turkey Fuat Oktay, Prime minister Ersin Tatar, Minister of Tourism and Environment Ünal Üstel, Minister of Economy and Energy Hasan Taçoy, ambassadors, President of the Union of Bar Associations of Turkey Metin Feyzioğlu, bureaucrats, representatives of tourism organizations, Turkish Cypriots living in Ankara and other guests attended to the reception.

The host of the reception, the Minister of Tourism and Environment Ünal Üstel, reminded that the reasons for the decline in tourism in 2019 were first discussed with the tour operators in Istanbul, and that the second meeting of the cooperation was held in Ankara. Üstel also talked upon the difficulties in transportation due to embargoes and isolation.

He also added that the Greek- lobby has put pressure on new airlines, and that they are having difficulties in transportation and saidthat they couldn’t find more than 3 companies.

Prime Minister Ersin Tatar also made a speech at the reception and said, “Northern Cyprus is one of the most beautiful places in the world, an exceptional place for tourism. Turkish people love Cyprus. Our actions and the messages we give are important for the fusion of the two peoples.”

Prime Minister Tatar also said, “Significant tourism investments were made in TRNC. The important thing is to increase the capacity. Reaching 50 thousand from 30 thousand beds. It is a shame of humanity that direct flights cannot be to the TRNC. The world has nothing to do with us. This is about the veto of the Greeks. Now we have to solve this direct flight.”

Vice President of the Republic of Turkey Fuat Oktay said “When it comes to Cyprus, when it comes to Cypriot friends, we should be here. Our Cypriot brothers are almost there and in solidarity,” in his speech.


Fuat Oktay also said, “We attach importance to the economic development of the TRNC. All our efforts for a steadily growing TRNC.” 

Talking regarding Tourism sector Fuat Oktay said, “Tourism is an indispensable sector both for our country and TRNC. We need to find ways to increase the number of tourists and income. We work on action plans and incentive programs”

Vice President of the Republic of Turkey Fuat Oktay added “2020-2024 action plan studies started. The flow of funds, including tourism incentives, has started. Supporting TRNC tourism is a must. We are ready and committed to doing so. We are working on action plans not only for tourism but also for the whole sector.”

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