Görkem ŞEKEROĞLU -TDO- North Korea has issued a warning to its people to stay indoors in fear that a yellow dust which originates from China could carry coronavirus.

In the wake of the warning, it was reported that the streets of the capital Pyongyang were nearly empty on Thursday(22 oct).

The enigmatic state has been maintaining that they are free of coronavirus. However, the state authorities have been on the lookout since January through measures such as border closures and limitations on movement.

Until now there has been no proven connection between the dust clouds and Covid-19.

The official Korean Central Television broadcast special weather warnings and also announced a national ban on countrywide outdoor construction work.

The term yellow dust makes reference to sand blowing in from deserts of China and  Mongolia into both North and South Korea during certain months of the year. It is mixed with harmful dust that for some years has caused concerns of health by the health authorities of the two countries. However South Korean authorities have clearly refused the claims that Covid-19 could be spread by incoming dust storms.

Apart from North Korea, Turkmenistan has also been reported to make claims regarding a connection between the yellow dust and the coronavirus. 

It appears that the dust had finally cleared from the Korean peninsula by Friday (23 oct) and was predicted to stay so in the coming days.

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