Selin ATAY -TDO- North Korea ranked lowest in terms of security protocols' operability, according to the report, which evaluated 22 countries published by the Washington-based NGO “Nuclear Threat Initiative” (NTI).

Experts noted the inadequacy of measures to prevent accidents and the use of nuclear weapons for terrorism in North Korea. The report noted that the country's administration is not transparent about its nuclear program and there a shortage of publicly available information.

North Korea scored 19 out of 100 in the report, where countries were rated over 100 according to security measures. The country has been ranked lowest for the past 5 years in the security index.

On the other hand, a nuclear watchdog has categorized Pakistan as the “most improved country” in the ranking for countries with weapons-usable nuclear materials. In its 2020 assessment, the Nuclear Security Index said Pakistan's improvements, because of its passage of new regulations, provide "sustainable security benefits."

According to Nuclear Safety Index, India ranks 20 while China’s ranking remains stable at 14, and has shown no change in its score since 2018.

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