Selin ATAY -TDO- Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported that North Korea on Sunday registered its first suspected case of novel coronavirus (Covid-19). An individual who illegally entered the country last week through the border city of Kaesong was suspected of COVID-19 and taken under observation.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un held an emergency meeting with top officials, imposing a lockdown in the border city of Kaesong and declared a state of emergency.

"Despite the intense preventive anti-epidemic measures taken in all fields throughout the country and tight closure of all the channels for the last six months, there happened a critical situation in which the vicious virus could be said to have entered the country”, said Leader Kim Jong-un at emergency meeting.

According to KCNA, North Korean leader noted that the maximum level of measures against the pandemic will be implemented in the country.

Kim Jong-un also launched an investigation into how the person had managed to cross the heavily fortified border, warning those responsible that "a severe punishment" would be administered.

Early this year, Pyongyang announced it suspended all travels with China and closed its borders six months ago, as the virus swept across the globe.

North Korea, a had previously not reported any virus cases. Earlier this month, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un hailed his country's "shining success" in dealing with Covid-19.

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