Serhat TUNAR -TDO- Carlos Ghosn, the former boss of Japanese automotive giant Nissan, has fled Japan, where he is on trial on corruption charges. Ghosn, who was last seen in Lebanon's capital Beirut, said he had not escaped justice; he had fled injustice and political repression.

Ghosn, who was released on $ 9 million bail after spending 108 days in prison in Japan, also said he would no longer be held hostage by the Japanese justice system. Ghosn added that he could then communicate more freely with the media.

How Ghosn, who has French, Brazilian and Lebanese passports, got out of the country remains a mystery because he has a ban on going abroad. There is no extradition treaty between Japan and Lebanon. Ghosn is therefore not expected to be extradited to Japan.

Carlos Ghosn was travelling from Japan to Lebanon via Turkey on a private jet, the US Wall Street Journal reported.

Carlos Ghosn had been released on bail in March 2019 on condition that he surrender his passport to authorities. Ghosn, who is accused of embezzling millions of dollars, denies all allegations against him.

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