Selin ATAY-TDO- Director of the African Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. John Nkengasong announced that a new variant of Covid-19 has emerged in Nigeria but more research is needed. "It has a more distinct origin than England and South Africa. Give us a little time... It's too early to say anything right now, " Dr. John Nkengasong told reporters.

Nkengasong said the Nigerian Centre for Disease Prevention and the African Centre for Disease Control and Prevention on the new variant will work together and further samples will be analyzed. In his statement, Nkengasong also shared information that the warning about the new variant seen was based on two or three genetic sequences. It is also said that officials at the African Centre for Disease Control and Prevention had ordered an emergency meeting after a different version was also seen in South Africa last week.

The new variant appeared in parallel with a resurgence of infections in parts of the African continent. Dr. John Nkengasong also told the press that the new variant, which mutates in South Africa, is now more dominant. It was not yet clear whether it led to a more severe disease but it was quickly transmitted and its viral concentration was high. In addition, the positive rate in tests conducted in the Republic of South Africa, where the coronavirus (Covid-19) has mutated, rose to 26%.

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