Mustafa AY – TDO – 16.05.2018 On Monday, Catalan Parliament convened for both purposes; to cease the direct administrative intervention of Madrid into autonomous Catalan rule and to elect a new leader so that newly elected President could solve the ongoing conflict. To the presidential election in the parliament, Quim Torra became the candidate for the office since he’s shared the same idea of secession from Spain with the exiled ex-President Charles Puigdemont. From very first days of secession campaign on, the separatist leader Torra devoted himself to accomplish the independence from Spain. For this reason he got huge support from majority of parliament and Charles Puigdemont for the presidency, he became the candidate. On Monday, Torra was elaveted to the office as a result of parliament voting. According to the result of voting, Catalan Parliament voted 66 ‘in favor’, 65 ‘against’ and 4 ‘abstention’ for the election of Torra. Now, he is the region’s President.

Following his elevation to presidency, Torra addressed the parliament and called Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy in order to conduct the negotiations for the resolution to the ongoing issue of independence.  During his speech to the parliament, Torra stated “I’m calling Mr. Rajoy to put a date and place that we could meet and negotiate the ongoing problems between us... No precondition. Let’s talk.” Moreover, Torra asked PM Rajoy to visit the Catalan separatist leaders, who have been in jail since the secession campaign. In Madrid, backstage speculations over that Torra’s call on PM Rajoy for visiting imprisoned Catalan politicians reflects Puigdemont’s idea were made.


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