İlknur Şebnem ÖZTEMEL – TDO – As the political crisis in the Middle East deepens, flow of refugees to Europe is continuing. Recently in New Year’s Day, 1,100 refugees from sub-African countries clashed with police at to leap over the highdouble fence between Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Ceuta.

It has been announced that the group tried to open external doors by iron bars, wire cutters and large stones. Only two refugees were able to get over the wall. It has been announced that five Spanish policeman and 50 Moroccan officials, including 10 in serious condition, were wounded. In addition to these, coastguards said they had rescued 52 people on a small boat, around Malaga.

A similar incident happened on 9 December as more than 400 refugees tried to reach Spain by the same way. Ceuta and Melilla are included in Spanish territory and the European Union’s only land borders with Africa.

European Union has always declared it self as the castle of democracy, human rights and political Liberalism. It has been felt in each speech of European leaders, diverse development reports about candidate states and several multi-lateral meetings. Despite their claims, EU has failed or even did not care about ful filling its so-called humanitarian duties to cope with crisis, especially Syrian Civil War. EU leaders try to reach consent with Turkey for readmission of refugees to Turkish territory, in return for free travel for Turkish citizens in EU. Also, in several meetings, Western leaders promised to contribute to expanses of approximately 3 million Syrian refugees in Turkey. None of them was achieved. Besides, refugee crisis led the rise of right-wing political parties andconservatism.

Actually, it is understandable to ensure security at home. However,in European case it seems the problem is not security but extremism. Everyone that goes to Europe is not terrorist. Each person has a right to have a secure and comfortable life.

World witnessed bad treatment of refugees in Hungary, Austria, France and many other European states. To exemplify, a Hungarian journalist kicked a Syrian father that was trying to pass to border with his two children. Recently, a mayor from Netherlands declared curfew for some refugees, regardless of criticisms.

There is a famous saying of Mevlana, a Turkish cleric and philosopher as; ‘’ someone whose tongue and heart are not one is but a mute even though they speak a hundred languages.’’ As you do not behave according to yourwords, do not say them again and judge others.

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