News Center -TDO- Sri Lanka's Ambassador to Turkey Muhammed Rizvi Hassen and embassy employees visited the Autism Foundation in Ankara for the New Year.

Ambassador and embassy employees were welcomed by Autism Foundation Chairman of the Board Aydın Çayan, Vice Chairman of the Board Cengizhan Soneren, Secretary General of the Board of Directors Hülya Saygı and employees of the foundation.

Speaking at the event, Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Turkey Mohamed Rizvi Hassen underlined the importance of raising awareness of autism.

Underlining that the embassy regularly organizes such events, Rizvi said they recently resumed the events after two years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“This year, we started to organize them again thanks to the relaxation of pandemic restrictions,” he said, expressing his happiness to be with children with special needs.

He wished peace, happiness, and prosperity for the New Year and thanked everyone who joined the event.

Aydin Cayan, chairman of the Autism Foundation, underlined the importance of raising awareness of autism.

“Autism is spreading very fast in the world. One out of every 54 children is born with autism. This rate is four to five times higher in boys. In this respect, it is very important to raise awareness,” Cayan said.

Noting that they founded the group in 2010, he said they provide special education, sports opportunities, and vocational training.

Cayan gave a thank-you certificate to the ambassador for their help and organization.

Following the opening speeches of Ambassador Hassen and Autism Foundation Chairman Aydın Çayan, the event continued with two New Year's songs for children with autism, performed by Embassy staff, and a show exhibiting various skills of children with autism was presented.

The event ended with the presentation of Sri Lankan delicacies, after the embassy employees gave their New Year gifts for children with autism.

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