İlknur Şebnem Öztemel If we look at US Foreign Policy in the last three decades, it is possible to see a very sympathetic and democratic USA which tried to conduct positive economic and political relations with USSR and pro-soviet nations in George W. Bush, just before the fall of the Berlin Wall.  After the end of Cold War, good relations with soviet-oriented states and former third-world countries continued. Clinton regime contributed newly independent states to adapt market economy, implementation of democracy and integration to market economy. Also, he announced FP priorities as enlargement of NATO and European integration. Moreover, he highlighted the significance of human rights, responsibility to protect, environmental problems and war crimes as he led international community to debate these issues and encouraged states for   the establishment of International Criminal Court (ICC) and Kyoto Protocol. USA intervened in Haiti, East Timor and Bosnia regarding humanitarian intervention norm against unsuccessful states and civil wars. Besides, contrary to the tries of communication and unification first time after the end of bipolarity in IR, USA used a hostile adjective of ‘rogue states’ in 1997 National Security Strategy Document. Starting with Clinton period between 1993-2000, we see a more arrogant and submissive USA in a framework of developed democracy, humanitarianism and globalization. Then, George W. Bush developed subjectivity and unilaterality in   US foreign policy. He implemented a more aggressive foreign policy. Bush invaded Iraq and Afghanistan justified with so-called existence of weapons of destructions (WMD) in Iraq and as these places were centers of global terror.  Three months ago Chilcotreport revealed that there were not enough proofs for these claims. Additionally, former Prime Minister of UK Tony Blair apologized for Iraq invasion in 2003. Bush regime violated proportionality rule to wage a ‘just’war. Iraq had been divided into three parts, millions are displaced, killed and it has really became the center of global terror. We all believed that Obama will be a more balanced leader that would recover US from disreputability. However, Obama regime could not achieved to create a positive view about US specially in the Middle East and Asia  as he  leaded very controversial interference to Libya, disappointed people about the solution of Syrian Civil war, Russian annexation of Crimea  and fighting against ISIL. Also, he supported Kurdish militants in Northern Iraq and Syria; US-Turkey relations are stressed. In addition to these a new era of rivalry between Russian Federation and USA has been started, regarding to opposite views about Syria and Crimean Crisis. Obama declared Iran nuclear deal was his biggest success.What about the future of USA with new president Donald Trump?Donald Trump has always been a controversial candidate. US had a very surprising presidential election, filled-(or full) of scandals and sarcasm. If we look at the promises of two candidates Trump and Clinton, we will see more plans in Clinton’s FP agenda and more sayings in Trump’s FP agenda. Clinton promised to increase taxes of richer people, more democratic and just rule at home and a stricter FP to ensure security of US. In order to achieve this Clinton planned to increase level of positive political and economic relations with Asia- pacific states to encircle China, give importance to implementation of international maritime law about the commons of China sea, human rights violations in the region and control of the aggression in cyberspace. Secondly, she declared that she will give whatever needed to US alliances in the region (including Kurdish forces) to destroy ISIL and continue to support Israel. Finally, she mentioned that she would do whatever needed to stop Russian aggression in World politics. On the other hand Trump’s agenda focused on interior politics and economic policies. He claimed that he will decrease taxes for Wall Street and promised to increase production and GDP of USA. He was strongly against economic openings to Asian states and China as production and labor capabilities run away from country. Furthermore, he said that a wall will be built in Mexican border, paid by Mexico and Muslims should not be entered to USA. He did not say anything clear about the war on terror in the ME. On the contrary to Clinton he supported Putin openly. Regardless of his controversial private life and highly conservative political speeches he had elected as the 45th president of USA. His first speech was very sincere, positive and connective unexpectedly. First time whole World saw all of his family and close friends. He thanked to Clinton for her contributions to US, agents that protected him through the campaign and his supporters. He said that he will be the president of all citizens and negotiate with each nation that want to do it.Initially Iran, Turkey and Russian Federation congratulated Trump.What About USA-Turkey Relations?Positive relations between Turkey and US has been changed in the light of  US FP on Israel, operation to Mosul, Raqqa,  open support to Kurdish forces and post-June 15 events  in Obama rule. Actually, Trump did not provided a proper plan any of  these issues but he complimented to president Erdoğan as he gained the control of  the  coup d'étatattempt  quickly in 15th of June. Turkey was one the first nations that congratulated Trump and announced Turkish demands about the return of Gülen.Consequently, US voters dreamed about a more isolated, conservative and economy focused state. Popularity of Trump’s campaign showed us that US voters are exhausted from formal political debates and wanted a more straight-out character as their president. Clinton’s political experience became a disadvantage for her. Trump’s ‘’ I will solve it’’ policy without solid plans appreciated by US citizens as they are looking for something new.Nevertheless, personally I do not believe that Trump can easily ignore international politics and cannot achieve promised economic development without intervening in different regions of the World. US economy and so-called greatness depend on global effectiveness of US army and supported proxy groups. Americans owe their comfortable lives to sadness of others. History teaches us this but I hope it will be changed in Trump rule.  

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