Mustafa AY – TDO – 10.06.2018 In Spain, Socialist Party administration’ leader Pedro Sanchez, which newly came to power, took initiative on ousting his predecessor Mariano Rajoy through the motion of no-confidence. After his success in this effort, he undertook the office. On 7th of June, Sanchez with his new cabinet sworn an oath in parliament and officially founded his government. In accordance with the political rote Sanchez Government asserted in the parliament, even if they have lots of issues to settle, they evidently prioritizes elimination of Catalonia’s act of secession through democratic ways.

Meritxell Batet, Sanchez Government’s Catalan-origin Minister in charge of Public Administration, made important remarks following his oath in the parliament on Thursday. Batet expressed the gravity of reformation process that Spain should go through. On Satuday, Batet made a second words relating to the issue of need of reform and became clearer this time. She said that new government has desires for amending the constitution in order to make transition to federal model. In the face of PM Sanchez’s such a thought, Batet stated that autonomous communities in Spain ruled well till now. However, this system must be altered and Spain should go through renovation. With this words, Minister Batet undersocred the necessity of constitutional amendment that PM Sanchez proposed.

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