The Obama administration is said to be announcing new sanctions against Russia as early as Thursday, for Russia’s involvement in hacking the 2016 elections

American officials briefed upon the matter have said that the Obama administration is planning on announcing new sanctions against Russia for meddling and cyber hacking the US elections.

The new sanctions could include economic sanctions and might affect diplomatic relations. Senator Lindsey Graham has said that the “bipartisan sanctions coming…will hit Russia hard, particularly Putin as an individual”. Republican John McCain and Democrat Amy Klobuchar have voiced their approval of the sanctions taking place as well.

Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs representative, Maria Zakharova has responded and said that “…any actions against Russian diplomatic missions in the US will immediately bounce back on US diplomats in Russia”. She further commented upon the claims of Russian hackers and said that “frankly, we are tired about the lies about Russian hackers—it’s misinformation by Obama administrative aimed at providing an excuse for its own failure”.

Intelligence officials have said the aim of the Russian hackers were to harm the Clinton’s Presidential campaign. Hacked information was given to sites such as WikiLeaks, which negatively reflected upon and harmed the legitimacy of the Clinton campaign. The Obama administration has been attacked by Democrats for not taking actions earlier, to which the administration has replied and said that they were waiting in order for the Intelligence enforcements to complete their work.

The Trump team has responded and said that these Intelligence officials are same people who had said that “Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction”. President-elect Donald Trump himself claims of Russian interference. 

The EU continues to sanction Russia over its annexation of the Crimean Peninsula.

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