İlknur Şebnem ÖZTEMEL – TDO – 10 year old girl, used as a suicide bomber, probably by Boko Haram, blew up herself at New Year’s Eve, in Maiduguri/ Nigeria. One people seriously wounded.  Boko Haram came to worldwide media attention after kidnapping 276 school girls in 2014, to sell them into slavery. Around 50 of the girls escaped, while the rest remain missing.

Child bombers seem like the new and the most severe method of terrorists all over the World. On 22 August, DAESH used a child bomber to ensanguine a henna night in Gaziantep.  Also, Human Rights Watch wrote a report on PKK’s Syrian arm, YPG uses child soldiers and child suicide bombers to gain land.  In last summer YPG soldier, 12 years old, Siyar Faris died in Syrian battlefield and declared as a martyr by the organization. Moreover, PKK militants hide behind children and used them during city wars, in Diyarbakır and Şırnak. It has been revealed by Turkish forces that terrorists give hundred Turkish Liras to persuadechildren to join violent clashes.

According to Rome statue it is forbidden to use soldiers below the age of 15. Ofcourse terrorism itself is something against international law   but it is significant for states that support terrorist organizations by application of ‘’ my enemy’s enemy, is my friend ‘’ policy or ‘’good terrorist organization’’ terminology.  States are obliged to follow international law.

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